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re: staging music.

The creative spark

Inspired by a multitude of events in their lives, Lucas Jordan and Fabricio Mattos, one sunny afternoon in a cafĂ© after a rehearsal in London, concluded that apart from the traditional concert halls they had a special fondness to intimate and cosy performance spaces that allow musicians to directly communicate the inherent message of pieces to listeners. At that moment they realized how amazing it would be to stage the same concerts they were used to play in big concert halls in someone's living room, and from this idea emerged the concept d#Gents | re:staging music

One thing leads to another...

With an urge for connectivity and freshness but also a love for tradition, d#Gents presents chamber music with a modern twist. 

Gents' performances are divided into:

Concert Hall:  traditional and not-so-traditional programmes including a wide range of original and arranged music for flute and guitar. Apart from concert halls, the Gents have performed in galleries, museums, open spaces, and other unexpected venues.

Living Room: concerts in domestic settings, such as living rooms, gardens, and libraries.  The cosiness and closeness of such settings allow the creation of an optimum experience to enjoy live music performances.

Poetry & Music Ensemble: a regular collaboration with nurse-poet Audrey Ardern-Jones, where poetry and music work together in the aesthetic sense, allowing yet another kind of artistic expression to arise, the one of unconditional human poetics.