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The Poetry & Music Ensemble

The Poetry & Music Ensemble was founded in the 1980s by nurse-poet Audrey Ardern-Jones, with musicians Michael Cox and 

Nigel Clayton. Currently it is formed by Audrey and the Gents, and their programmes combine the aesthetics of Poetry with Music, creating a third type of artistic expression and offering a unique approach to a wide range of subjects. 

The Ensemble is currently performing two different and sought-after programmes: 'Women Poetry in WWI', which explores the astonishing and long neglected poetry produced by women during the Great War; and 'The Mystery of Reality', which puts the very definition of reality in check through poetry by some of the most prominent poets of many centuries and nationalities. 


Current Programmes

Women Poetry in World War I

The sufferings of the Great War have been portrayed in many different occasions in Visual Art, Music, Drama, and Poetry. However, poems written during the war by women are largely neglected, and they show different views on aspects of the conflict that could be easily ignored such as the suffering of mothers who never saw their sons again to working women in bullets factories. 

This touching programme includes Poetry by those who were generally left behind, with Music from many styles and periods, creating the right atmosphere to meditate on aspects of a human drama that is always at the door: the War.

'Women Poetry in WWI' at the Royal Overseas League, London.


The Mystery of Reality

The marriage of Poetry and Music opens the doors to a new universe, in which the mysteries of our lives can be further gauged and, perhaps, explained. From the glittering insignificance of a minute ant strolling around a person’s neck to the thick, heaving mud of the war, this marriage reaches far beyond the merely describable; it reaches the very essence of our own multifaceted realities, the ones we create and destroy every day, departing from the realm of possible to land where mystery lies in wings of insects, colours, bullets. Somewhere where we’re mystery and mystery is everywhere.

Poetry by Roger McGough, Rober Graves, Audrey Ardern-Jones, William Shakespeare, Adélia Prado, Jessie Pope, Eva Dobel, Winifred May Letts, William Blake, Robert Frost, and others.

Music by Jacques Ibert, Ferdinando Carulli, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Giuseppe Verdi, Claude Debussy, Mario Ferraro, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Marin Marais, Eric Satie, J. S. Bach, and others. 

'The Mystery of Reality' at Epsom's Playhouse.